Ghost Avenue is hailing from the suburbs of Oslo Norway. The band was formed in 2002 and was born as a result of what they thought was the lack of good new bands playing traditional heavy metal at the time. «so why not make it our selves?» they thought. The music they deliver is classic Hardrock & Heavy Metal. Ghost Avenue remains true to catchy guitar driven songs, with kick ass riff’s, pounding bass, hard hitting drums, screaming solos, twin guitars and great vocals.

The inspiration sources comes from a varity of styles, but the main influence is from the golden era of 80’s heavy metal. Ghost Avenue try to capture the traditional style, but with their own sound and approach to their music so that it’s fresh and updated for the future to come.

All band members contribute to the songwriting and that makes it more interresting and diverse.

The feedback from the music business and fans alike shows that there is an agreement that Ghost Avenue flies the flag high for traditional and classic hardrock and heavy metal!

Ghost Avenue's goal is spreading Heavy Metal and Hard Rock all around the world by writing awesome music and playing unforgetable shows!